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9D Full Screen Protector for Xiaomi Redmi 7, 9H Tempered Glass, Full Glue, 3D Curved Edges


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The premium 9D Full Glue tempered glass with full surface glue makes it perfectly adhere to the screen, which guarantees perfect image clarity and 100% tactile properties.

The high hardness rating of 9H provides advanced protection for the device's screen from scratches and damage. The glass of excellent quality makes the image retain natural colors while masking the scratches on the screen. The oleophobic coating provides resistance to grease and fingerprints.

The glass is strong and durable. Thanks to the thickness of 0.3 mm, it does not thicken the phone, which allows it to maintain its natural shape. It has slightly rounded edges, which increases the comfort of work and eliminates the risk of accidental entrapment with a sharp edge of glass.

After pasting the phone, it retains 100% of the touch properties. Thanks to the attached set for self-fastening, it adheres perfectly to the screen, without air bubbles. The glue-free formula makes the glass leave no trace after peeling it off.

Glue: the entire surface
Hardness index: 9H
Thickness: 0.3mm


- glass protector

* The images are indicative. The protector may vary for each phone model.

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