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Original Mijia XNQ01RR Virtual Wall for Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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    Very practical virtual wall for the intelligent vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum
    With this virtual wall, the robot will not be able to enter restricted areas
    No battery needed

Virtual wall features for Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is one of the most innovative devices of the brand, a robot cleaner with a lot of functionalities and whose operation can not be simpler. You can even handle it through your mobile! This nice and useful device has a series of accessories to optimize its operation. One of them is the virtual wall that we now present to you.

The virtual wall has a very simple and effective operation: it is a magnetic strip, which you can install at the entrance of a room or delimiting a specific area from the ground. This band will take care of telling the robot not to go beyond the limit, without having to reprogram it, raising a virtual wall, which the vacuum cleaner detects and which becomes impassable for it.

You will have 2 meters of band to place it where you want: in that room that you do not want to be cleaned at a given moment, in that corner where there is a delicate object ... You choose the limits for your Vacuum. In addition, it is very simple to install and remove, so you can change these borders whenever you want, in the fastest and easiest way. It does not require a battery, so it will always be in operation. Do not worry about cleaning tasks!

2m length

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